Afrikaanse weergawe

Childhood days

Laurika Rauch was born on the 1st of November 1950 in Pinelands, Cape Town, as the youngest child of Fritz and Rina Rauch. She has a sister, Ingrid, and a brother, Johan. Her father was public relations manager of The Old Mutual and her mother a trained social worker who later became editor of a women’s magazine, Die Huisvrou.

Laurika recalls her childhood days as busy. “I was always on the move from one eisteddfod to another. I took piano lessons from the age of five and sang in a children’s choir, called Oom Hannes Uys se Kindersangkring, for ten years. She also practised acting / speech, mimicry and elocution. She describes herself as a quiet child. She matriculated from Jan van Riebeeck High School in Cape Town. Other well known figures in the music industry who are also alumni of this school are Randall Wicomb and Johan Stemmet.

Student days

After school she studied drama at the University of Stellenbosch. Laurika remembers how she one day learnt a few guitar chords from a friend. “I immediately fell in love with the guitar. I didn’t sleep that night as I spent the whole night practising the new chords of Cripple Creek, a Buffy Saint Marie song.” After that, she says, she and her guitar were inseparable.